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PostSubject: MEMBER CONTRACT   July 27th 2009, 10:19 am

*By joining this online forum, members agree to the following conditions:

  • Any and all information shared on this website is PRIVATE. Matters discussed on this website will be kept confidential and not shared with any third parties.
  • Vendors are strictly not allowed. Any information written here is strictly the sole opinion of paying customers and clients, and under law, cannot be used against us in any cases against us.
  • Vendors that sign up under false pretenses are breaking this contract, and will be banned. NO INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE OBTAINED HERE MAY BE USED IN ANY WAY or shared with any third parties.
  • Please note that any vendors signing up for theRhoos.com are in direct violation of the website's terms and conditions.

    By becoming a member of the online community of The Real Housewives of the Ocean State, you are agreeing to these terms.

    Information for Members:
  • Members will be routinely moderated on this board. New members MUST be referred by another member, and will be asked to complete a small application form before joining.
  • Members that join just to lurk, and have proven to do the same on The Knot message boards, WILL be deleted. This board was created for us to chat freely amongst friends- not for people to be voyeurs.
  • Any and all unknown names will not be verified, and membership will be denied.
  • Vendors will not be tolerated, and will be banned from this message board. Any information obtained while visiting this website cannot be used in any third party actions.
  • Again, member's post's will be routinely moderated, and inactive posters may be deleted without prior notification.
  • If you feel your account has been wrongly deleted/banned, please submit your reasoning to mandyscaff@gmail.com, at which time it will be brought to the RHOOS member's attention for review and discussion.
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